OTD Sports is kicking off 2023 with a bang

It's an exciting time to be a part of Off The Deck Sports! We've seen huge growth on our social media platforms Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube totaling 4.6k, 2.6k, 1.08k, subscribers respectively.

@OffTheDeckSports' YouTube account has made a dramatic transformation growing from 301 to 1,080 subscribers just in the month of January!

Thank you for being a supporter of OTD. We believe we are truly changing the way fans consume sports.

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Dirty hit or is this just football? 🤔Damar Hamlin was ejected for this hit on the Jakobi Meyers

Michigan QB J.J. McCarthy’s dad creeping on his son’s girl 👀

The poop play? Have to say, never seen this before…💩

Kansas City Chiefs with the “Ring Around the Rosie” 😂

OTDSports.com featured article on Damar Hamlin

Jayson Tatum posterizes Giannis

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